Selling Your Condominium in Alberta

You will be required to provide a full set of condominium property documents and reports.  We will obtain these for you in a cost-effective manner (we often have some of these documents from prior transactions).  It it is important for us to advise you of what your obligations are to a potential buyer.

With this in mind, Service Alberta published a handy Consumer Tips guide in Summer 2015 for those wanting to learn more about condominium associations, as well as other sources where one could go to look for more information.

In addition, if you are an owner of a bareland condominium property, you will be asked to provide a current Real Property Report with a Stamp of Compliance in addition to the other condominium documentation that you would normally provide when selling your Canmore home. You can read more about the Real Property report here.

If you've been thinking about selling your condominium property, please make sure to complete the Seller Profile Form below, and we would be happy to get started working for you!